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  • Handsome Up Set for Him + Silky Smooth Water-soluble Gel - 60ml

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  • Handsome Up Set for Him

    This penis pump has a bulb-pump with easy release valve. Also included are 3 rubber sleeves of various dimentions. The sleves come in Small, Medium and Large size. Designed for the perfect fit to accomodate the length and the girth of the big and well-endowed man. The pump creates a superb vacuum seal quickly and effortlessly.

    Silky Smooth Water-soluble Gel - 60ml

    This silky smooth personal lubricant is water-soluble gel,shiny transparent,comfortable lubrication during sex can significantly improve the sensitivity of the enhanced pleasure,prolong intercourse time,inhibit bacteria unfection.

    Lubricating fluid lasting moistuizing,non-greasy,no residue,easy to clean.

    Using high-quality safe formula,no stimulation,no smell.

    You can use safely with condoms, adult toys,and other items.

    -Formula:deionized water,cellulose,propylene glycol,glycerol        


    Package Content: 

    1 x Handsome Up Set for Him

    1 x Silky Smooth Water-soluble Gel - 60ml